The Mystic Spiral

THE MYSTIC SPIRALE:  Journey of the Soul by Jill Purce

Flow, form and symbol

Like everything on the descending ladder of being, the spiral is a symbol. It means infinity, because it can always go on. But since we inevitably make our own finite concept of infinity, we must limit the boundless. Only through limitation can we open up infinity to ourselves. In practice, therefore, the spiral ends; on the two-dimensional paper we must stop drawing in this world of space and time. The universe and human consciousness (macrocosm and microcosm) are a continuum and a dynamic whole. With the spiral, this can be expressed in such a way that it does not end, but is drawn into a sphere or a ring, so that it ties in with itself by winding through its centre. With this symbol, which continually turns into itself expanding and contracting, center and circumference alternate and there is neither beginning nor end, so that we want to call it a spherical vortex.

The continual twisting in of the spherical vortex in nature is analogous to a stable flow figure created by the movement of air and water. This figure, which becomes visible when a smoke ring is blown or a drop of milk falls into water and settles, is called a vortex ring by scientists.

In the totality of the universal continuum, we are limited by space and time to step-by-step and analytical observations of its parts. These parts, the transient formations of nature’s constant, though never perfect, movement, seem to aspire to an ideal. To the extent that the archetypal current and growth forms of the mushroom, embryo, and brain embody a receding forward impulse, they illustrate precisely the formation of a vortex ring.

Although built and caused by dissimilar phenomena, many structures in nature not only look similar, but also agree in their mathematical description. It seems that together they form a higher overall order outside of our linear concept of cause and effect. The spiral motion that creates a center and a „whole“ is also the spiral motion associated with gravitational contraction that creates the solar systems with their suns and planets. Also the galaxies are probably produced by the induction of interstellar gas. These are the macrocosmic movements and cycles that provide the human microcosm, in which they are reflected, with its model for everything cyclic, from sleep and emotions to time itself. The same vortex laws determine the movements of water, of which almost three quarters make up our body. Water is the pure, potential and unformed matrix to which all life owes itself. Consequently, the characteristics of its vortex current, its volatile but unchanging formations, are preserved everywhere as evidence of its origin. The egg crystallizes from the involution of unformed water, as energy, matter or consciousness – which is all one – turns into itself.

THE MYSTIC SPIRAL: Journey of the Soul by Jill Purce
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