The Mystic Spiral II

THE MYSTIC SPIRALE:  Journey of the Soul by Jill Purce II

Flow, form and symbol

This order, radiating down to the microscopic and subatomic levels, structures and reflects our consciousness. The full meaning of organization, which was apparently familiar to the Greeks, since their word cosmos means „order“, is also demonstrated by the physicists, according to whom matter is their own movement and organization. Similarly, the growth of human consciousness is the constant refinement of its own organization, the ordering of its individual microcosm.

Although this process is inherent in the construction of man and his natural evolution, it can be facilitated and accelerated with the help of maps and guides. These maps are the mythological and religious systems developed by earlier travellers, pioneers of the Way. One such refinement is alchemy, the transformation of the natural man from and noble metals into the spiritual man from pure gold by repeated splitting and building (solve et coagula).
In the following, these cards and the ways in which man has understood the spiral of his consciousness are described. Basically there are many spirals which together form a multidimensional spiral in which each spiral is also a complete spiral and each spiral is only one spiral. Moreover, we are the spiral and all the spirals in it. Above all, we must familiarize ourselves with the nature of its movement and consciously make its laws our own, just as Edgar Allan Poe’s sailor, who when sinking into the painting stream understood the nature of the vortex through close observation and was carried up again by the spiral that had sucked it down.

The simple two-dimensional spiral has a number of remarkable properties.
It comes from the origin and returns to it; – it is a continuum whose ends are opposite and yet one; and it illustrates the cycles of change in the continuum and the change of polarities in each cycle. It includes, by changing speed, the principles of expansion and contraction and the possibility of simultaneous movement in both directions against its two extreme points. In the spherical vortex, these extreme points, center and circumference, merge; they are basically interchangeable.
In the relative world of time, space and their sequence, movement, the possibility of movement in one of the two directions appears as a choice. Therefore, the spiral is conceivable in three dimensions either as an upward spiral or as a downward spiral. The spiral is inherently asymmetrical, and the choice of a direction along the vertical axis also determines the right- or left-handedness of the path: whether one moves with the sun or against it. The fact that the latter, the opposite or „ominous“ direction has its own associations shows man’s close relationship to the movement of the stars: it is regarded as the entropic, unwinding movement from order to chaos or, according to C. G. Jung, away from the conscious and towards the unconscious.

THE MYSTIC SPIRAL: Journey of the Soul by Jill Purce
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